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Claris Capital Projects Ltd is Malta's first niche capital projects consulting firm specialising in capital projects in the Mediterranean region.  Claris' unique management team brings together specialists from the fields of property management, design & architectural consultancy, environmental and property consultancy and financial-legal advisory.

Claris Capital Projects Ltd collaborates with your legal advisors in assisting with the tendering process for various public and private capital projects. Claris can assist by conducting independent preliminary due diligence and reporting on all aspects relating to development planning, environmental impact, structural aspects and financial feasibility of proposed projects. This Preliminary Report, available at a favourable price, enables interested investors to assess the suitability and feasibility of the project prior to entering a bid, accelerating the investors’ preparations for a timely submission of their expression of interest.

1. Planning permits
2. Feasibility Studies / assessments
3. Architectural services
4. Project evaluation
5. Environmental assessments
6. Coastal management
7. Traffic Studies
8. Financial feasibility studies
9. Economical planning assessments